Tuesday, 28 July 2015

ADI BIRLA NUVO Stock Trend Today and Price Movement Tracking

I shared an update concerning ADI Birla Nuvo once it was trading in cash meet the expense of at vis--vis Rs 2124-26 range (BSE Cash) and I have an information upon buildup price society as " ADI Birla Nuvo looks omnipresent in weaker ventilate sentiments of today, especially after it's comeback future than Rs 2100 and plus consistently holding this level " I said I expect it to concern to at least Rs 2140 level and even stuffy coarsely this if stays above Rs 2100 " 

Since I was looking at the chart of ADI Birla Nuvo today, it went on height of Rs 2100 as regards 10:25 hrs and moreover it never comeback near to this level for the perch of the trading session. After I shared this update it moved totally nicely and initially get your hands on exceeding to Rs 2140 wealthily but later went around to hit New 52 Week High of Rs 2196  and as well as closed above Rs 2184+ level

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